30 Renowned Writers Speak Disbelief in God


Writers such as José Saramago, Margret Atwood, Phillip Roth, Ken Follet, Arthur Miller, Ian McEwan, Phillip Pullman, Salman Rushdie and more speak about God and their disbelief. Ian McEwan: If you have a sacred text that tells you how the world began, or what your relationship is between this “Sky God” and you, it does curtail […]

Sing About the Dark Times: Bill Ayers Interview


Every year Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn spend a couple months residing in Northern California. Their modest cabin tucked behind the Redwood Curtain has been a perfect place to escape the media frenzy stirred up during the 2008 campaign, when former Republican VP candidate turned failed reality TV star, Sarah Palin, teamed up with Fox […]