Jeffrey Lewis – The Bold Type Interview


  Bold Type caught up with illustrator and Rough Trade Record’s recording artist, Jeffrey Lewis, on tour promoting his sixth album, “A Turn in the Dream Songs.”   We conversed throughout the night about the fledging record industry and the commonality between punk, folk, and illustration. We also discussed Alan Moore and Will Oldham, which, […]

Bill Cunningham New York


(published, Dec. 15 2011, in the North Coast Journal)   It’s good to know there are people like Bill Cunningham in the world. He’s happy. He’s kind and sincere. He has built a life doing what he loves and is acknowledged internationally for it. Richard Press’ charming and emotive documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, is a beautiful […]

Video: Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011


The day Christopher Hitchens passed away I received a considerable amount of calls and emails offering condolences. It was a bit odd considering that I never knew the man though, admittedly, I do have an entire shelf dedicated to his work. That said, the internet has been flooded with people both mourning his death and taking the opportunity to bash him […]