Obama, Victim or Villain?

Obama V or V

Psychologist Drew Westen’s NY Times op-ed, “What Happened to Obama,” caused a ripple throughout the blogsphere last week, splitting many progressives into two camps prior to the Republican Iowa Caucus. Some took to Twitter and Facebook jumping on the everything-would-be-in-its-right-place-if-the-president-told-better-stories band wagon.  Others clung to the idea that Obama is a mere victim of a […]

Rove’s Brain


Published in the North Coast Journal May 5th, 2011 Barack Obama​ announced his reelection campaign on April 5, and within hours Karl Rove​, the crafty political strategist once famously dubbed “Bush’s Brain,” was on Fox news opining on the field of Republican candidates. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was cited as a leading contender. Was there […]